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Throughout time, humans have constantly refined their quality of life for the better. It goes on and will go on till the world exists. The epitome of life is living it to the fullest. But every beginning has an end. The ultimate truth of life is inevitable death. In these heartiest moments, the reality of life hits you hard. Where one cannot comprehend the departure of a loved one, it is a pivotal moment to remain composed.

Fortunately, funeral services are emerging to assist in these hard times. They offer full fledge services, from preparing the funeral to burying it. Aiming to help the family to cope with grief in the most peaceful manner. The services differ based on cultural and religious beliefs. Buddhists and Hindus need cremation, Christians, Muslims need a burial.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Funeral Services
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新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园 is a bereavement care company in Choa Chu Kang with 20 years of industrial experience. Working since 2009, their core values are to provide love, integrity, focus, and empathy. Nirvana services are done professionally, delivering value at a personal level. Their funeral services and products are available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

In Singapore, there are multi-religious people. Buddhism is the largest religious group in Singapore. along with other religions like Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity.

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Buddhists beliefs about Death:

Death is considered to be an important component of the Samsara concept. Samsara means a cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. Until a soul reaches enlightenment, Nirvana. Death is not an end, but a transition to the next phase of Samsara. According to Buddhist beliefs, a person who has lived their life wisely is not to be feared by death. The quality of life spent will affect the next life. Nirvana Memorial Garden provides excellent buddhist funeral services. Besides buddhist funeral service, you can check out Nirvana Christian funeral services here.

Usually, the demised is cremated. The body is not touched for at least four hours. Because it is believed that the soul does not leave the body immediately. Once the body is cold, cremation preparation starts. Cremation may take place anywhere the family prefers. The ashes are then kept or buried in an urn at home. Later they can be placed at the columbarium.

Buddhists Columbarium is a structure, where the cremation urns of the departed soul are stored. It is considered to be the resting place of their loved ones that are open to the public. Nirvana Buddhist Columbarium provides utmost dignity to the departed soul and its family. Columbarium comes from an Italian word “Columba’ meaning dove. In ancient Roman times, these were homes for birds like pigeons and doves.

Nirvana Memorial Services Singapore

They provide a complete range of funeral and bereavement services.

Nirvana Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Nirvana Funeral Package Singapore

Nirvana Memorial provides 24 hours funeral service. We provide funeral products and services with undivided attention and care. Nirvana Funeral Service packages are based on

  • As-needed: This package includes immediate funeral service on the demise of a beloved one.
  • Pre-needed: This package is for those who wish to pre-plan their own or their beloved one’s funeral.

Packages can be tailored according to customers’ requirements. Buddhist funeral service or even spa treatment of the deceased can also be provided. Funeral services are offered at different places according to the customer’s choice. It can be offered at homes of customers, funeral homes, or any religious place according to customers’ beliefs.

Funeral-related products are also available. Flowers, caskets, urns, photography, catering service, handcrafted paper models, lanterns, are also provided. We also cater to the needs of female comfort. Providing “White Ladies” handle the female deceased bodies with respect and value.

Nirvana Memorial Buddhist Columbarium

Nirvana Memorial provides a wide range of columbaria to choose from. Following are exquisite range one can choose from:

  • Premium Suite Columbarium:
  • Modern Suite Columbarium:
  • 经典式骨灰阁
  • 标准型骨灰阁
  • 家族式骨灰阁
  • 复合式骨灰阁

Each Suite is made with top-notch architects tailored to provide spiritual bliss and peace to the visitors. Provided with the air-conditioning and detailed furnishing to offer absolute tranquility.

Benefits of Columbarium:

Choosing Columbarium is so much more than just a death ritual. Enriched with a strong religious atmosphere, one can preserve the remains of the deceased forever. It has a minimal infrastructure with architectural integration according to cultural and religious values. They aim to provide a welcoming space for the visitors, a place for reflection on the journey of life and death.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Pedestal:

Ancestral Pedestals are the Chinese traditional way to remember their loved ones. It is considered a form of filial piety. It holds the family together to remember and offer prayers for the deceased. Nirvana Memorial Garden Pedestal offers the ancestral pedestals to be placed at them were one and come and connect with loving memory and legacy of the departed soul.

Crystal Pedestal is offered by Nirvana which is a blend of modern and traditional ancestral worship.

Gong Yang Fu:

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides a Buddha Worshipping place where people can meditate and revive the teachings of Buddha. We aim to provide an atmosphere of meditation and worship bliss to meet Buddha’s blessings.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Prayer Service:

We deliver full-fledge prayer services varying according to your needs. It includes prayers of the departed soul within a year, birth and death anniversaries, and also prayers for life longevity and prosperity, misfortune, sufferings, and more.


When one is baffled by the truth of death, spiritual and emotional regard is needed. Nirvana Memorial Gardens provides state-of-the-art facilities straight from the heart. We want to be your helping hand and a shoulder to cry in these worrisome moments. Nirvana Buddhist funeral services work with dedication to the care of your deceased. Connect with us and let us take care of you and your family.

-“Life is uncertain; death is certain.”

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