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Etiquette for Columbarium/ Funeral Home Visitation

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Funeral rituals and rites are a part of the social cycle. Depending upon religious beliefs and teachings, funeral rituals may vary. But some elements are common to all, the need to grieve and say the final goodbye. Funerals are not just religious duties that need to be fulfilled but also serve psychological healing and acceptance of the new reality. While we all tend to avoid such gatherings, it is natural to encounter a funeral home visitation. The death of a dear friend is itself disheartening. Our reaction to such tragic news can reflect our emotional intelligence and coping mechanism. 

If you are invited to visitation or have to attend a funeral home, you might get confused about the etiquette of attending a funeral home visitation. As funeral rituals are carried out according to religious belief, basic etiquette can be applied to all. Before getting onto etiquettes, let’s understand the vision behind funeral homes.

What is Funeral Home Columbarium?

Funeral homes are businesses that provide funeral services. Different packages are offered from which the surviving family can choose according to their preferences. The end ceremonies are often carried out at religious places like churches or temples. Nirvana Singapore is among the leading private funeral service providers with vast service options. Other than private bereavement care providers, you can find government-owned columbariums like Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, where the public can preserve the deceased’s ashes. 

What is a Visitation?

People often mix the terms visitation, funeral viewing, and wake. A visitation is an allotted time where friends and families are invited to visit the surviving family to offer condolences. It can take place at the family’s home or funeral homes. If you are unsure how to arrange visitation, you can connect with Nirvana Singapore. They offer the arrangement of funeral visitation so you can be worry-free for the preparations. 

How Visitation Helps the Surviving Family?

Visitations are a great way to begin healing. The family can connect with reality through this informal gathering and learn how much people admire the beloved. They can cherish and collect snippets of memories for a lifetime. Hearing about the deceased from someone else has a healing effect. It will establish a support network for the family. 

Knowing that the death of their beloved also impacted others will help them honor and feel proud of the deceased’s life. 

How to Attend a Funeral Home Visitation?

If you are invited to funeral home visitation, here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about visitation.

Dress Elegantly

It is best to wear a modest dress during visitation or calling hours. Something black or a subtle color dress will go well. Bright colors represent life and happiness. They should be avoided. You will feel uncomfortable in the visitation where everyone else is dressed elegantly while you are wearing a vibrant color dress. Although, visitations are not as formal as a funeral. 

Sometimes a visitation is followed by a funeral. If it is the case, then it is best to wear a black or muted colored dress. The main objective is to avoid grabbing attention due to your bright-colored dress at the gathering. 

Respect towards the Funeral Home

One of the effective practices is exhibiting respect towards the funeral home. It is the final resting place and should be offered immense regard. Whether you are at a private funeral home or a public columbarium like 蔡厝港骨灰殿, respect is the utmost quality that should be expressed at these places. 

The aura of these respected places helps in reflection on life for many. While visiting, one should avoid talking excessively and creating noise. Turn mobile to silent mode, so people are not disturbed by a vibrant mobile ringtone.

Be Comforting with Your Words

If it’s your first visitation, you are likely to get nervous about how to offer condolences to the family. Your words and body language should reflect support, sorry, and respect towards the family. 

First, introduce yourself to the family and share your favorite memory with the deceased. Upon hearing, the family will cherish that others genuinely admired their beloved. It will give them the courage to cope with grief and accept the new reality. You can also offer a short prayer for the eternal bliss of the deceased. 

If you still don’t know what to say, you can say I am sorry for your loss in a low tone and respectful body gesture. 

Be Punctual

Funeral home visitations have an allocated time. It is best to reach on time and avoid embarrassment later. Being punctual is another way of showing the affected family your concern and sorrow in the loss. 

If you are unsure what to do or how to spend your time quickly, follow along with what everyone else in the gathering is doing.

End Note

It is natural to show resistance to attending a funeral home visitation. From following a visitation to offering condolence, all seems too hard. But at one point in life, we have to face the reality of nature. If you are now invited to a visitation, there might come a point when you are hosting one. 

Experiencing these gatherings helps us ponder upon life. Looking at the family’s hassle of preparing for a final goodbye, you can learn to choose a funeral service provider like Nirvana Singapore. Instead of losing time in preparation, why not utilize the time in remembering and honoring the beloved. 

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