Ancestor Pedestal in Nirvana Memorial Garden

After losing a loved one, we go through a period of grief, sometimes followed by depression. To heal from the loss, grieving is crucial. We don’t forget our beloved but learn to live without them. Recovering from grief does not mean that their memory will not sadden you. You will encounter situations, places, or things that will remind you of your beloved. How you react to reminders will tell you how much you have healed. 

We should consider giving the deceased ones a tribute to their life for your peace of mind and heart. Everyone has different ways of remembering and honoring the departed. The practice of remembering the deceased may vary according to different cultures and religions. Some hang pictures with flowers around the frame, while some offer prayers. Similarly, ancestor tablets are popular in Chinese culture to honor departed souls.


Ancestor pedestals are commonly known as memorial tablets or spirit tablets. It is a physical symbolization of the deceased spirit. The concept of spirit tablets dates back to old Chinese 

traditions where it is considered to be of pivotal importance in Chinese homes. 

The concept of the ancestor tablet is also connected with the urns. Urns, after being placed, should not be moved unless a reallocation is required. People can refer to the spirit tablets during praying instead of the urns as tablets are portable.  

Ancestor tablets were traditionally made from wood. Size and shape may vary but now mostly rectangle-shaped tablets are made.  But now, different materials are also used as glass, marble, jade, and plastic. It is now accepted among people. 

What is written on the Ancestor Pedestal? 

These Memorial tablets are usually made of wooden rectangle tablets on which information about the deceased is engraved. They can be placed in homes, temples, or ancestral halls.  On the Ancestor tablet, you can find about:

  • Name and surname of the deceased
  • Generation number
  • Date of birth or death
  • Spouse name 
  • Ancestral place
Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Crystal Pedestal Lobby

Significance of Ancestor Tablets:

Chinese believe that a person has three souls. One stays in the body in the grave, the other passes to the afterlife, and the third resides in a sacred object, the ancestor tablet. Chinese believe that their ancestors will come and look at them, giving blessings to the family. Creating an ancestor tablet is offering their elders respect and dignity. 

Some Chinese families dedicate an area for ancestor hall, while others might install the tablet in their homes, temples, or memorial places. 

Where can I find Ancestor Pedestal in Singapore?

There are many funeral service providers in Singapore. But 新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园 provides unmatched services with a wide range to choose from. They offer professional funeral services around the clock with utmost dignity and respect. They provide body preparation, funeral arrangements, columbaria, and ancestor pedestals.

富贵山庄神祖牌灵位 provides a beautiful way for filial piety. 新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园 provides different premium suites to place spirit tablets and pay homage in the most dignified manner. Due to changes in times, paying tribute at home is becoming less common. People prefer placing their ancestor tablets at a place with more spiritual bliss. 

Crystal Ancestor Pedestal:

新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园 provides a modern look ancestor pedestal. The ancestor tablets are made from premium crystals, giving them an elegant yet stylish look. They are decorated with mandala flowers. If a customer chooses 新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园 神主牌位 for an ancestor tablet, 30 days or more will be required to prepare the tablet. The customer will be contacted to arrange the ‘’rising’’ ceremony. After the ancestor tablet is ready, the Shi-Fu chant will occur for the ancestor spirit to come in the new ancestor tablet. 

Requirements for Ancestor Tablet:

Names and photos are required to be engraved on the ancestor tablet. But there are four main categories based on the number of words and pictures. This restriction is due to the limited space of the tablet. The engraving font and size are according to the tablet’s size. The engraving fee is free but will be charged with changes. 

  1. Two pictures and six names 
  2. Four names and four pictures
  3. Two names and two pictures
  4. Four titles and two pictures

Why choose Nirvana Memorial Garden Pedestal?

富贵山庄神祖牌灵位 has various unique factors making them stand out from the rest of the funeral service providers. Here are a few of them.

  • Calming environment equipped with air-conditioning and comfortable seating arrangement. 
  • Buddhists’ prayers and scheduled chants are played to ignite spiritual connectivity.
  • Each premium suite of 富贵山庄神祖牌灵位 has a statue of Buddha.
  • Clean environment ensures regular cleanliness of the Pedestal Halls or Suites. 
  • Elegant memorial hall gives utmost respect and value to your ancestor tablet. 
  • 新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园 provides the facility to reallocate ancestor tablets from home to 富贵山庄神祖牌灵位. During the allocation, the Buddhist chant will be sung and then the ancestor tablet will be moved to 新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园
Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Crystal Pedestal Block 6B

Conclusion:We all want to give the best resting place to our loved ones. 新加坡富贵山庄纪念花园 provides all facilities you need for newly departed souls. You can assure the placement of your ancestor tablet with grace and dignity at Nirvana. Whenever you wish to visit 富贵山庄神祖牌灵位, you will connect to spirituality in the most exceptional manner.

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