7 Best Reasons to Choose Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore for Funeral Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Service Singapore

Deciding for a proper final resting place can turn out to be a weary and difficult task. As it entails you to simultaneously handle two basic things such as, coping with personal grief and choosing an ideal venue to conduct the final after-life rituals.  

Therefore, this article aims to help you choose the right bereavement services provider in Singapore. But, before deciding on it you should assess some points based on aspects like; convenience, value for money, funeral packages, columbarium niches, credibility, etc. And a place that best fits all the said criteria would be the Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden.

So without further ado here are the best 7 reasons to consider opting for the bereavement care provider.

  1. Transportation: It is easy and hassle-free to reach the cremation site, as many transportation routes operate in the area. Public transport buses can be an ideal option, in terms of fares, on-time availability, and getting you around just about anywhere. The nearest bus stop is less than a kilometer away, within a walking distance of 14 minutes or so. Alternatively, you can also use the subway system or taxis to reach the destination. The East-West Line metro is the nearest station available for service. And it’s approximately 4.5 kilometers from the crematorium and may roughly take an hour of walk.
  2. Funeral services: The bereavement company maintains a 24-hour service routine to efficiently help the family of the deceased. It utilizes its best expertise to organize and manage fully customizable funeral services. Viewing Singapore’s multicultural lifestyle, the Nirvana Memorial Garden engages in caring out funeral rituals, as per Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian traditions. Moreover, the Nirvana funeral services include various funeral-related items namely; cremation urns, catering services, caskets, flowers, funeral memorabilia products, etc. That’s not all; the internationally recognized bereavement conglomerate can even arrange services outside its premises to other locations if required, as well as at homes of the mourning family.
  3. Funeral Packages: The after-life services company offers its clients the liberty to tailor funeral package deals, based on their requirements. Nevertheless, the Nirvana Funeral Packages also includes its two other services features called the ‘pre-needed’ and ‘as-needed’. The first feature talks about letting an individual pre-plan his own or his endeared one’s funeral services. Meanwhile, the second one prompts the bereavement organizer to cater its immediate services to someone facing the sudden demise of a family member.
  4. Columbarium niches: The Nirvana Memorial Garden has an array of variety when it comes to picking a columbarium suite. To mention a few, it’s state-of-the-art columbarium designs include; the Standard Suite, the Mansionette hall, the Family Suite columbarium, and the Premium suite. A brief description of each of the columbarium is listed below: 
  • Standard suite— The suite comes with wide-open hallways with traditional architecture. It displays an exquisite instance of traditional columbarium style containing a colossal library of private cabinets for urns. Its historical artwork enshrined by the revered effigies of Lord Buddha maintains the essence of both the contemporary and conventional worlds.

  • Mansionette hall— The columbarium exhibits an attentive piece of work that gives a respectful and dignified meaning to the departed souls. Along with an intricate work of art, the mansionette demonstrates the fine touches of ancient Chinese architecture. In addition, the massive chamber is built for comfort and luxury to offer ultimate peace and tranquility for the visitors of the departed ones.
  • Family suite— From the tall ceilings to the beautifully designed walls of cabinets, the Family oriented suite depicts the finesse of ancient Chinese design. The columbarium is perfectly designed to suit the family aspect and sentiments. Nonetheless, the suite also boasts an essence of modernity with its air-conditioned cabins and sitting areas. Thus the columbarium proves to be the logical choice for friends and families of the lost souls.
  • Premium suite— The Nirvana Memorial Garden offers its columbarium owners to behold the extravagance of the art and culture. Every cabinet depicts an engraving of the Lord Buddha to maintain the sanctity and ensure peace for the souls of yesterday. The premium suite houses spacious lobbies to relax and recollect memories of the bygone entities. 


  1. Payment structure: As part of the Nirvana Funeral Packages, the Asian bereavement corporation works on two payment structures, like the zero percent finance scheme and one-time payment process. The zero percent finance scheme facilitates the customers with the flexibility of making payments to the corporation in installments. The clients can enjoy the zero-percent payment scheme for up to 4 years. Meanwhile, the other scheme entails client families making one-time payments for the maintenance of their relatives’ funeral memorabilia. 
  2. Feng Shui services: The whole aesthetics of the Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden including its magnificent columbarium and other segments are based on Feng Shui geomancy. These spiritual characteristics offer the concerned families an emotional affirmation that the souls of their departed ones will experience a blissful afterlife. Also, the immaculate practice of Feng Shui ensures the element of respect and honor for the lineage and descendants of the client’s families.
  3. Pristine credibility: The renowned Asian conglomerate for bereavement care is over a decade old and operates in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, apart from Singapore. With its substantial amount of experience in bereavement services operations it has been honored with a number of accolades namely;


  • Asia Outstanding Brand in Funeral Services Industry (2012).
  • Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Award and Marketing Strategy (2013).
  • The Hoffen Award by One Asia Awards (Singapore – 2015).
  • Corporate Bronze Award by Community Chest Award (Singapore – 2017).
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification and award for Quality Management System (2020). 



It is a tough time experiencing the situation of losing someone close to your heart. The crushing incident may send you in a state of perplexity and make you look for a reliable associate. The Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden can thus be the perfect association to hold on to. With its committed stance on providing impeccable funeral services, you will be covered in all the nooks of your problems. The funeral caretaker organization will not only help you go through the tough situation but also enable you to convey your duly regards and hearty sentiments to the departed.

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