Nirvana Memorial Funeral Service

Having to lose someone you love is never an easy process to go through. Nirvana Memorial Garden offers 24hours comprehensive funeral service that helps families cope and manage through this difficult time.

With the professional 24 hours funeral service of Nirvana Memorial Garden, not only the family members can give their loved one a beautiful send-off, they can properly mourn the deceased and not worry about the stress and logistics of organizing a funeral.

Nirvana Funeral Service

We often take our blessings and living for granted. But nature has ways to make us realize life’s worth through various reminders. The fear of losing a loved one, going through the phase of grief, and the healing process are not easy. When we lose a beloved, we hold snippets of beautiful memories close to our hearts. 

You can find funeral packages, products, services, pedestals, and columbariumNirvana Memorial Funeral Services provides services for different religions like BuddhistsChristians, Taoists, etc. Respecting religious beliefs, each package is designed by religious teaching on funeral preparations and funeral ceremonies. Nirvana Memorial offers the following four funeral packages. NV Legacy, NV Supreme, NV Longevity, and NV Grace. Each package includes the following basic needs of funeral preparation and services.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Funeral Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden is Singapore’s premier funeral service provider, offering unparalleled 6-stars columbarium facilities. With a commitment to delivering compassionate and respectful services, we provide a comprehensive range of funeral options to cater to diverse cultural and religious preferences. Our experienced and dedicated team understands the sensitivity of the occasion and strives to ease the burden of grieving families by handling all aspects of funeral arrangements with utmost care and professionalism. From personalized funeral ceremonies to seamless logistical support, Nirvana Memorial Garden ensures that each farewell is a dignified and meaningful tribute to the departed, offering solace and comfort to those left behind.

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Nirvana Memorial Garden 24 hours funeral services

Funeral Service Packages

With our unrivalled professionalism and expertise, Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services is a comprehensive suite of funeral services to cater to the needs of different faiths and all walks of life. Besides columbarium and pedestal, Nirvana also provide funeral services such as spa treatment for the deceased.

Nirvana Singapore Memorial Services

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Funeral Service Packages

Nirvana Memorial Garden 24 hours funeral services

Nirvana Memorial Garden also offer funeral related products and services, including caskets, urns, cremation memorialization products, Taoist and Buddhist handcrafted paper models, flowers, catering services, photography and other ancillary services. We provide funeral services at our funeral homes, third-party owned funeral homes, churches and the homes of our customers. Our funeral packages are tailored to our customers’ requirements, according to their respective cultural and religious practices.

Nirvana funeral services packages are offered both on an as-needed and pre-needed basis. Our ‘as-needed’ products and services are available to customers who require an immediate need for a funeral service upon the demise of their loved ones. On the other hand, our ‘pre-needed’ products and services are made available for customers who wish to preplan their own or their loved ones’ funeral services. Check out Nirvana columbarium.