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When someone is in search of a funeral service in Singapore, they require the service immediately or just before knowing a situation that is approaching. Regrettably, during Singapore’s circuit breaker, funerals were subjected to stringent restrictions. Moving to the third phase 3, you might find that the authorities set loose limits on funerals.

However, there are measures you should keep in mind concerning funerals while keeping a safe distance. For selecting the most appropriate funeral Services in Singapore, there are plethora of funeral homes to choose from. Coming to the planning, it is all according to the requirements of the family.

Moreover, honoring the deceased’s desires is considered. People visit Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Funeral Services (950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road) after learning about the sense of professionalism we show when it comes to arranging a funeral ceremony with great sympathy. We know that in order to send off the deceased with utmost respect and honor, the planning of the funeral is handled professionally. Services with premium are inclusive of all female embalmers, private columbariums, and journey with love spa sessions.

Furthermore, the prayer packages are the best features Nirvana offers to its clients. Therefore, at the time of planning a funeral, you must make sure to examine the religion and traditions of the deceased. Also, the pricing of the amenities service packages must be taken into account.

Packages For Funeral Services

With a variety of price ranges fitting every kind of budget, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore offers great funeral services intending to be complete while being hassle-free. We at Nirvana take care of every requirements by offering the customizations and options that allows families to send their beloved with love, dignity, and respect.

Furthermore, Nirvana offers packages that include

  • Nirvana Memorial ceremony planning and preparation
  • Nirvana Memorial and funeral service coordination
  • Service of commemoration
  • Consultation services
  • Other extra services and products
Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Funeral Services
Nirvana Singapore Memorial Garden Columbarium 39
Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Family Suite Columbarium Lobby 5B

Private Columbarium

A columbarium is a funeral home wherein compartments and cubicle ash pitchers are placed. The Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore offers the first private columbarium in Singapore with opulent, religious, classic-themed sections.

 The Nirvana columbarium is economical, double and single, with all types of cubicles available. The administration and personnel are kind and caring, which creates a loving environment that makes it easier for families to leave their loved ones in their care. Buddhists, Christians, Catholics, and Taoists can all be buried at this memorial park and garden.

In this memorial garden, there is a respectful, pleasant, and modern setting for visitors to come and pay their respects to the three existing columbariums. 

  • The main foyer of block A will be greeted with a magnificent statue of Buddha. A little bamboo grove with running water streams in the background contributes to the quiet atmosphere. 
  • The holy trinity of the Samsara resides in block B. This block consists of the three Buddha sculptures made up of gold. They were named Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Amitabha Buddha, and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.
  • The modern and standard columbarium block C is an ideal place for people who do not believe in any religion.

Journey with Love

Death can change an individual’s appearance in an unfavourable way for many people who passed away owing to illness or old age. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore will help the deceased’s family and friends to prepare the body of the deceased with the spa treatment. All the arrangements are assisted by our journey with love by involving the family members.
This helps the members in the grieving process. The professional team of beauticians will make the body ready with clothing, massage, facial and lastly make up that will ensure that everyone has a pleasant remembrance. All departed persons will be treated with care, respect, and decency to assist the family in grieving and beginning to recover from their loss.

Female Beauticians and Embalmer

The Nirvana memorial garden offers a one-of-a-kind service where a female team of skilled beauticians and embalmers attend the departed person. It is a unique service that always catches people’s eyes. This team of all the females was formed to make sure that the deceased ladies are treated with the same dignity and respect as that of the male bodies.

The bodies are treated with utmost care and all the values and traditions of different people and their requirements are well taken care of, during the process.

Prayer Services

We provide services of general prayer and worship and Qing Ming packages of prayer along with the funeral and offering prayer sessions. This offering is in keeping with Chinese death rituals and customs that emphasize values such as filial piety, as well as Buddhism’s comprehensive religious cogitation. The different prayer offerings provided here are inclusive of

  • Bringing the departed spirit to rest.
  • Respecting the spirit of the departed and making sacrifices to it.
  • Bone Picking, the relocation of remains.
  • Urn exchange.
  • Mourning period
  • Death anniversary
  • Urn Placement
  • Settling of ancestors’ tables.
  • Anniversary ceremonies
  • 100-day celebrations etc.

Final Words

Whichever Nirvana funeral services you pick the ability to honour the deceased’s and family’s desires should always come first. And, we take care of every little detail of the family’s requirements with our skilled staff to give you a satisfactory experience.

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