Why Choose Nirvana Columbarium as Final Resting Place

Nirvana Columbarium – Someone looking for a funeral service in Singapore likely needs it immediately or soon after becoming aware of an impending emergency. Unfortunately, during the power outage, funerals in Singapore were subject to strict regulations. 

Although respecting people’s space at funerals is essential, there are precautions you should take. In Singapore, there is a wide variety of funeral homes from which to pick the one that best suits your needs. The planning is done by the needs of the family members involved.

In addition, the wishes of the departed are taken into account. Professionalism and compassion in funeral planning have brought people to Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore Funeral Services (950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road). As a society, we understand the importance of entrusting only trained professionals responsible for arranging a funeral service for the departed. The premium service package includes all-female embalmers, individual niches for cremains, and therapeutic journeys with a loved one.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium Classic Suite Standard Suite

A State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The columbarium has central air conditioning, plush furnishings, and ample room for worshippers to pay their respects to the dead in peace. The tranquil and restful ambience of the garden landscaping surrounding the columbarium is a fitting tribute to those who have passed on and their loved ones.

The Nirvana Columbarium are organised into three separate sections. Suites in each building are individually decorated. Most rooms are designed to appeal to Buddhist and Taoist travellers, although there are accommodations for Christians and atheists. With the 2011 refurbishment, the columbarium has space for nearly 40,000 niches. The columbarium’s interior is just as carefully crafted, with a majestic yet sensible layout and a warm entryway to ensure that guests feel at home during their stay.

Aid to Customers

The exceptional quality of service provided by Nirvana Columbarium is another reason for its widespread renown. According to the online reviews, the columbarium’s personnel is kind and helpful. They made them feel like they were receiving service worthy of a six-star establishment. Therefore, the columbarium’s excellent customer service is a plus for consumers deciding between burial options.

Prayer Service

According to Buddhist doctrine, the spirit departs and travels for 49 days before being reborn once the body dies. The samsara concept is central to Buddhism and Taoism (or lun hui). It is also essential to send prayers on the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 35th, 42nd, and 49th days to help guide and safeguard the soul’s journey to the afterlife.

The deceased’s spirit will be safeguarded in this way, allowing for a new existence in the afterlife. Those who have passed on will be blessed by the prayers of the living so that their immortality is as happy and fulfilling as this one. In addition, the dead will shower their loved ones with luck and shield them from harm.

Newly acquired urns will be kept in the Nirvana columbarium‘s An-Ling prayer area. It’s where seasoned Buddhist priests go to pray every day. These regular prayer times greatly aid the soul’s safe arrival hereafter.

Fengshui Location

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is in a promising position, according to the principles of Feng Shui. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, which provide an endless supply of “qi” to its foundation. In addition to the exterior, the inside was built with Feng Shui principles in mind. The families and future generations will be showered with blessings from on high if the columbarium is situated in a good Feng Shui area.

99 years leasehold

Most places of worship and business use land leased for only 30 years unless the property is freehold. About 61 private columbaria in Singapore are located within more significant religious buildings like temples and churches. If the columbarium’s lease expires after 30 years, the government can approve another ten years. The deceased’s offspring may be forced to find another housing for the ums if the lease is not renewed. As a result, it may be time-consuming and expensive. In 2016, Nirvana columbarium management successfully petitioned for and received government authority to extend the lease period from 30 to 99 years, or the year 2029 to the year 2098.

Columbarium Niche Preparation

Columbarium niches can be reserved in advance at Nirvana Memorial Garden. In numerous instances, this versatility is helpful to the clientele. In the first place, it lessens the monetary load on relatives. This is because purchasing a columbarium niche for a deceased loved one may be an extremely emotional and taxing experience. The customer is responsible for deciding where it will be interred as part of the planning process. Second, forethought aids clients in picking their ideal market segment. Suites at Nirvana Columbarium feature eight or nine tiers of niches each. 

Nirvana Singapore Memorial Garden Choa Chu Kang Columbarium 9

Fibral Piety niches on levels one and two are places where descendants must get down on their knees and pray earnestly to the dead. Niches on levels 3 and 4 are known as “wealth levels,” They are ideal for retirees who wish to sit down and pray to their ancestors. On level 5, you’ll find the niches that are at eye level. As the name implies, levels 6 and 7 are designated as a place for the ancestors to watch over and safeguard the present and future generations of their descendants. Both Rank 8 and Rank 9 are known as the Respect Levels because they represent the pinnacle of decency and morality.

Thus, by reserving the columbarium niche in advance, the buyer can select the level at which they are most interested.

Cost of Upkeep Only Once

Families of customers at some temples’ columbaria may be required to pay a regular maintenance fee, either monthly or annually. A one-time maintenance fee is required of all Nirvana Singapore customers. This means it offers long-term savings compared to other private columbaria.

Ancestral Tablets

Filial piety is highly valued in Chinese culture. Keeping ancestral tablets in the home is a common practice in Chinese culture. In this way, families can honour their ancestors regularly. Here at Nirvana Singapore, we offer funeral tablets for your ancestors.

Conclusion:That’s why, for this reasons, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore should be your final resting place. Feel free to get in touch if you need any further clarification. In addition, Nirvana’s prayer bundles are the service’s crowning glory. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the deceased’s faith and customs when making funeral arrangements. The cost of the included services and amenities must be regarded as.

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