Top 10 Types Of Funeral Services Singapore

When it comes to funeral service, if you live in Singapore, a multi-racial and religion country, there are a lot of options to choose from. Choosing the right Singapore Funeral Service Provider for your loved ones can be a challenging one. There are so many funeral services providers in Singapore and you will be spoiled for choice. In this article, we will discuss some funeral services which Nirvana Memorial Garden Funeral service provides. This guide will help you know the difference between different types of funeral services to make the funeral selection process easier for you.

  1. Traditional Funeral

What is a Traditional Funeral Service?

In traditional funeral services, the body is present, and the family and friends play all sing songs in the memory of the deceased, which is further followed by a reception or lunch.

What is Unique about the Traditional Funeral?

In a traditional funeral, a pastor gives a sermon as per the religious rules.

  • Direct Burial 

What is a Direct Burial?

Direct burial involves burying the body without carrying out any proper formal funeral ceremony. For this, the family takes part in lowering down the casket in the ground. A specific date is decided for this event, usually after the memorial service.

What is Special about Direct Burial?

Nirvana funeral service also provides services for those who cannot afford the funeral expenses; direct burial is the most suitable option. It mainly takes place when the family lives far from the decedent. 

  • Graveside service

What is a Graveside Service?

In a graveside service, the body is bread into the ground in a casket by friends and family. This ceremony takes place at the cemetery. Graphite service is also known as the committal service because, in this event, the family and friends used to commit the deceased back to the earth.

What is Unique about the Graveside Service?

In this service, the funeral director says a few words in the memory of the deceased. Someone from the family or friends can also share their expressions of sympathy. Graveside service is kept short and simple. 

  • Direct Cremation 
Nirvana Memorial - Singapore

What is a Direct Cremation?

It is a simple process where the body undergoes cremation. This process involves burning the body instead of burying it.

What is Special about Cremation?

In this event, after burning, the remains of the body are given back to the family in a container. The family can also choose to receive the remains in a permanent urn and be placed in a Columbarium. For Coumbarium, check our Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium Service at

  • Celebration of Life.

What is a Celebration of Life?

It is an unusual ritual called the celebration of life, which sometimes occurs at a conventional funeral service. It’s about celebrating days, weeks, or even years following the funeral. It is a celebration that means that the remains are often not present. And it depends upon the family’s choices.

What is Special about the Celebration of Life Ceremony?

As per the name display, it’s all about celebration. Death ceremony takes place to celebrate joy rather than being somber. It’s upon the family choice, and the cultural value celebration of life also includes food, dancing, and cherishing the happy memories of the gone one.

  • Memorial service

What is a Memorial Service?

In Nirvana funeral service it is one of the most commonly practiced types of funeral. The funeral service doesn’t involve the body or cremated remains for expressing sympathy to the deceased.

What is Special about Memorial Service?

It is not bound to happen within a specific time frame. It can take place even a day or a year after the death. Nirvana Memorial Garden is one of the most recommended places to carry out this funeral.

  • Wake

What is the Wake Ceremony?

It is a kind of soil service that happens just before the funeral’s arrival. It originates from the beliefs of the catholic religion as well in rosary during the wake.

What is Special about the Wake Ceremony?

It usually happens in the homes of the arrival one, but now it is happening in different venues. This procession happens when people comfort one another to pay the final respect to the dead one. The remains of the person are not specially required here.

  • Visitation 

What is a Visitation?

The funeral that takes place in the funeral home in the absence of the body is what we call visitation. The deceased’s family is the central part of the visitation, which accepts the sympathies and does not include the presence of the body.

What is Special about Visitation?

This gathering mainly includes friends and family, due to which it is a little less formal. They gather up, set pictures and flowers, and express their sympathy to the deceased’s family.  

  • Viewing

What is Viewing?

The term viewing is often only used between the wake and visitation happening. But at this point, the body of the past one is usually present to view by the mourners.

What is Special about the View? 

Most of the time, viewing happens at the gone one’s home the night before the usual funeral service. It is essential to show the body before the cremation services to all the people belonging to him. The passed one body has to be prepared with some essentials including bath and getting him clothes.

  1. Scattering Ceremony 

What is a Scattering Ceremony?

If you do not want to bury the cremated remains of your loved ones, then you have got another option, i.e., to scatter them. It usually involves scattering the ashes of the cremated remains in the wind or displaying fireworks using those ashes.

What’s special about the scattering ceremony?

 In the scattering ceremony, the choice of location for the event owns particular importance. The site with an affectionate relation to the deceased is specially chosen for this event.

Conclusion  Confidently, now you have got a perfect idea of different types of Singapore Funeral Services. But if you still have any confusion, reach out to Nirvana funeral service and let them help you decide which service is the most suitable for you. You can leave your questions in the comment section below, and we would love to answer.

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