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Nirvana Singapore – At the time of the death of a beloved, the affected family has to face two nerve-wracking situations. First, they must deal with grief and accept the new reality. At the same time, the family has to arrange the funeral for the last goodbye. Burial options are a personal matter influenced by various factors like religious customs, financial status, and personal preference. In recent years, people have become adaptable to considering alternate burial options other than religious custom. Some of the options are preferred for environmental safety. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore provides broad options for burial services keeping in mind the client’s demands.

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Alternate Resting Place Options

Every religion has defined methods and customs regarding the final ceremony of the departed soul. The core purpose of the rituals is to remind and revive the concept of life and death. It gives people to ponder upon life and its cycle. For some, it becomes a tragic moment for a lifetime where they have to deal with prolonged depression. Choosing a suitable burial option is vital as it is a way to keep the memory of the beloved alive.

Here are a few popular burial alternatives you should know.

  1. In-Ground Burial Option

An in-ground burial option is one of the most famous traditional burial options. Muslims and Christians prefer burial options as per religious customs. It includes various components, and burial rituals followed one after another.

You will need a casket or a coffin for the deceased body placement. Some religious rituals involving visitation were family visits, seeing the beloved for the last time, and offering their condolences and prayers.  Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore provides extensive burial services, from body preparation to the arrangement of funeral ceremonies.

After the body is prepared, it is placed in the casket. The gravesite is bought where the plot or the grave space is opened for the casket placement. The burial team will lower down the casket and close the grave. At the same time, the rest of the family will offer their tribute to the deceased.

  1. Cremation

Religions like Buddhists, Hindus, and Chinese prefer the cremation of the deceased body. After the cremation is offered, numerous occasions can be held for the family and remembrance. A Memorial cremation is held, which resembles the funeral memorial. But instead of the body being present, the urns of the body is placed where the family and relatives gather to remember and pay tribute. Some prefer preserving the urns and keeping them at home to keep the memory alive. At the same time, others prefer scattering the urns in gardens or handing them over to nature. People choose Chao Chu Kang Columbarium or Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore for the ash scattering ceremony.

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  1. Columbarium

Columbariums are popular burial options in Singapore. Chao Chu Kang Columbarium is note-worthy due to its intrinsic designs and spiritual aura. A columbarium is a place where the urns of the body are stored. It is an economical and environmentally friendly option. It will need little to no maintenance services for a columbarium. You will need to purchase a niche where the urns will be stored. Some prefer reserving multiple slots for the family to be kept together after passing away.

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  1. Mausoleum

It is a freestanding memorialzation building. It provides above the ground burial. Some choose mausoleum due to the option of personalization or dedicating a private mausoleum for the family. It provides an enclosed structure where you can place the body in the casket on the ground. The decomposition process of the body will take place above the ground which can release odour. Some also choose mausoleum for urn placement.

  1. Natural Burial

Natural burial is a concept where the body is not buried, or any external source is used for the preservation of the body. It is also known as green burial. The body is buried directly into the ground without a casket or a coffin. The family will not use any heavy machinery to dig the grave. Instead, the grave will be prepared by hand. It will have a natural headstone that is much simpler than a traditional headstone. It is a cost-effective burial option.

You can contact the cemetery management directly to plan a natural burial.


The burial choice is personal and often inspired by religion. But due to financial constraints, people look for alternative options. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is a trusted bereavement center with a decade of experience. We have a customer-centric approach and devise our services to cater to our client’s needs. With us, we want you to experience the epitome of spiritual bliss and tranquillity.

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