Nirvana Memorial Garden: Different Types of Funeral Services in Singapore

No matter how far back you look in history, you will find funeral rituals evidence. Inside us, we have an innate desire to respect, honour, and keep those who left usin our hearts. A funeral doesn’t only exist as a ritual; it serves a purpose, meaning, and intention.

Memorial and Funeral Services Singaporeprovided by Nirvana Memorial Garden, offers an opportunity for family members, friends, and others who cared about the deceased a way to remember and honour them while providing support and comfort to those closest to each other. Whether it is planned before death or after death, booking a funeral or memorial service is often an emotional and exhausting procedure.

This article covers various funeral services provided by Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore. Reviewing these services will assist you in identifying the type of funeral service that is most appropriate for your situation.

What is a Funeral Service?

Before we explain the different types of funeral service in Singapore, let us first comprehend what funeral service is? A funeral service, also known as a memorial service or a celebration of life, is a way to honour, celebrate and acknowledge the life of a loved one who has passed away. A funeral can bring peace and comfort to those who mourn and bring people together to share the sorrow and loss and the joy of knowing the deceased.

There are different ways to celebrate life, and each can be tailored particularly specially to the individual being honoured as well as their family members. Someone whom you loved has passed, you may have several questions as to what kind of funeral service in Singapore to have. You may want to understand the contrast between a memorial service or a traditional service, or you may wish to pre-arrange your service to lift the burden for your loved ones and help ensure that it reflects your unique life.

What Are the Types of Funerals?

You may not be sure of what kind of funeral service you want to have, whether for someone you love or for yourself. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore funeral service include traditional funerals, visitations, memorial services, and celebrations of life. Keep in mind that some people might choose to have more than one of these events when honouring their loved ones. Funeral service is all about honouring the deceased through unique service that fits their personality and what was important to them.

  • Traditional funeral 

The traditional funeral is usually presided over by a church or an officiant, or a funeral home director. Traditional funerals are formal in mood and are traditional in their program. Generally, it includes traditional music or hymns, readings, and eulogies – from verses to poems to favourite quotes.

Funerals are held at a funeral home or a religious place, for example, a temple or church. Typically, there is an open casket. However, funerals may be held with a closed casket or an urn present if cremation was selected.

  • Wake

The environment in the wake is generally less formal than at a traditional funeral. A wake may take place at a funeral home or home and can happen either in day or in place of a traditional funeral. Wakes are usually held in an open house format, allowing people to come and go within specific time frames, casually coming, relaying memories, and comforting each other. There may be music playing, and food served. The urn or casket may or may not be present.

  • Celebration of life service

“Celebration of Life” is a term used for describing a personalized memorial or funeral service, which is usually more celebratory than it is formal and somber. Celebration of life services includes personal touches, celebrating the aspects and personality of the individual being honoured. These services can be non-traditional or traditions as a family wants, from funeral services with memorable photos displayed to a beachside barbecue where family and friends gather in a place loved by the person who passed away.

  • Visitation

Visitation is also known as viewing, is an occasion for the family of a loved one to receive visitors and spend time talking and being comforted by friends. Visitation is also a time to pay respects to a loved one and provides a sense of closure to both friends and family. Visitations frequently have an open casket.

Why Choose Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore for Funeral Services?

Nirvana Memorial Garden is one of the best funeral service providers in Singapore; established in 2009; it is a full-fledged bereavement care provider with years of experience in memorial park operations.

Nirvana embraces the vision of globalization and modernization without altering the importance of keeping pace with social requirements. Through the deeply rooted Chinese funeral service company, Nirvana Memorial Garden enriches the fine quality of the Chinese bereavement culture through continuing the tradition of reverence and honour of ancestors by their descendants.

“Caring for life” is the philosophy Nirvana lives by. You can be sure to expect a pleasant experience during a pivotal moment through detailed, comprehensive, and professional, and well-acclaimed; with the help of Nirvana, it will be a one-stop-worry-free funeral service. Professionalism and quality of service are equal with the benchmarks that take them towards excellence.

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