Prayer Services at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore

The inevitable death of a loved one freezes our souls and life. We cherish the trove of beautiful memories for a lifetime. It creates a hollow in life to be without them. We always want to do beyond our limits to satisfy our souls and pay tribute to the deceased. Experience death of a loved one can lead to depression. It is time to be aware and gather your hope and strength to face a new reality.

Luckily, society has accepted and valued the significance of bereavement centers. While you cope with grief, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore will handle your funeral stress. It can be mentally and emotionally arduous to experience and arrange the last goodbye.

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The Power of Prayer

The post-funeral period is the most heart-wrenching for the affected families. The prayer method may differ in every religion, but the core purpose is the same. It helps to soothe the families and give them hope for a better afterlife. It helps build up strength to live a life without the beloved. It drives attention to the spiritual side and refills the soul with assertiveness and calmness. For some, prayers help them to get out of stress and loneliness.

Prayers Services at Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is a trusted and preferred funeral service provider. Our core vision is to be a helping hand in times of distress. We offer a wide range of services from funeral preparations to columbariums like Choa Chu Kang Columbarium. Our team is dedicated to arranging unmatched prayer services to revive our traditions and lessons of hope. Here we will unfold some of our prayers services at Nirvana Memorial.

  1. First Year Prayer Services

The Chinese tradition comprises spiritual gatherings for prayer services. The prayer begins from the moment of the departure. It helps the family to rethink and refresh the concepts of life and death following the religion. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore provides first-year prayer services comprising prayer gathering arrangements in a spiritual environment. The ceremony held at our place epitomizes spiritual bliss and comfort. Some of the services are mentioned as follows:

  • Settling the spirit of the deceased
  • Paying respect and tribute to the beloved
  • An end of the mourning period
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  1. Shi Jin

The Chinese and Buddhist culture has rich traditions. The followers are utter respectful and humble when it comes to funeral services. Shi Jin is a practice where the remains of the deceased after cremation are picked up. Nirvana Memorial allows you to perform the cremation and Shi Jin most respectfully. You are then provided with various options for reserving or relocating the remains. One of our most preferred places is Choa Chu Kang Columbarium.

Once you select your burial option, our dedicated team will help interment the urns and settle them in the ancestral tablet. The ancestral tablet is of utmost importance in Chinese traditions. It is a way to pay respect and homage and revive the spirit of remembrance of the deceased.

  1. Anniversaries

The Chinese has a tradition of paying homage on the 100th day of death and anniversaries. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore provides services for prayer arrangements on various occasions. We aim to create an aura filled with spirituality and tranquility so you can offer your prayers most peacefully.

Our exemplary services and dedicated team are driven to give you a memorable experience.

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Why Our Prayer Services Are Unmatched?

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is known for its unmatched services. What sets us apart is the consistent quality of services. We are keen on enhancing and extending our services for the comfort and satisfaction of our clients. Our various burial options, like Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, have state-of-the-art facilities and architecture. The intrinsic designs and ambiance are carefully constructed to support the spiritual aura of the religious teachings. We want you to experience a memorable visit and get satisfied that your beloved is in a trusted place. Whenever you visit us, you will have a blissful stay. Our service is available around-the-clock to assist you with your needs. If you want to relocate the urns, you can connect with our team and plan accordingly. You will have an impeccable experience that you will not find elsewhere. With substantial years of experience, we will provide a better resting place for your beloved.

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