How Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services are different than Funeral Service Providers

We often take our blessings and living for granted. But nature has ways to make us realize life’s worth through various reminders. The fear of losing a loved one, going through the phase of grief, and the healing process are not easy. When we lose a beloved, we hold snippets of beautiful memories close to our hearts. 

A very innovative business model came forth in recent years. Funeral service and bereavement centers gained popularity among people. It seemed pretty odd at first, but slowly people understood the objectives of funeral services. Every religion has its way of conducting funerals. It varies according to beliefs, from preparing the body to burying or cremating and mourning. The bereavement care providers acknowledged and tailored their service packages for different religious beliefs.

Why choosing a Funeral Service is a Better Option?

At these heart-wrenching times, it is unnatural to be composed. Emotions are overpowering, which results in grief, depression, and sometimes guilt. You can still not accept the new reality, and you also have to arrange the funeral. Funeral arrangements can take a toll on your mind. It is tiring, depressing and because of your stressful mental situation, you might not be able to arrange the right way. You should consider professional funeral services because:

  • They will allow you to grief properly
  • It will take your funeral preparations worry away
  • They will handle the body and funeral arrangement the correct way
  • In these challenging times, funeral services can be significant support for you
  • You can say final good-buy in a better way

Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services; is a better choice.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is a part of Nirvana Asia Group. It provides state-of-the-art bereavement care services with utmost excellence and professionalism. They acknowledge your grief and worry about arranging funeral services. The packages are tailored according to needs and religious beliefs. With years of experience, you can trust Nirvana Memorial SingaporeNirvana Memorial Garden is enriched with value-driven professionals providing different services. 

Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services:

You can find funeral packages, products, services, pedestals, and columbarium. Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services provides services for different religions like Buddhists, Christians, Taoists, etc. Respecting religious beliefs, each package is designed by religious teaching on funeral preparations and funeral ceremonies. Nirvana Memorial offers the following four funeral packages. NV Legacy, NV Supreme, NV Longevity, and NV Grace. Each package includes the following basic needs of funeral preparation and services.

  • Transfer Service
  • Embalming and Make-up Service
  • Coffin items
  • Prayer materials
  • Different caskets according to one’s choice
  • White T-Shirt
  • Casket place set up
  • Parlour set up
  • Reception Table setup
  • Altar table setup
  • Floral arrangements
  • Funeral notice
  • Photo enlargement and frame
  • Online Obituary
  • Snacks and Accessories
  • Funeral day services
  • Pallbearer and team
  • Cremation at Mandai
  • Photo thumb drive

These are the essential elements of all the Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services. The add-on and special features vary from package to package. Whichever package you choose, you will have all you need to carry out a worry-free funeral. 

Why Nirvana Memorial Garden?

Nirvana Memorial Garden has years of experience and in-depth knowledge about funeral preparations, body handling, and carrying out funeral day services. Their highly-trained and professional staff handle their jobs with value and respect. You will not feel that an outsider is taking care of your deceased one. Nirvana Memorial Services will be a support system in these crucial times. Choosing Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore will mean you will have:

  • Professional Staff: 

Nirvana Memorial Garden does not compromise on the quality of work. Professional staff is trained to cater to the customers’ needs as per requirement. In these emotional times, skilled staff members can handle situations efficiently. Females professionals are also available for female deceased body preparations. 

  • Consultancy:

A funeral director and consultant are also available to hear about your demands. If you are unsure about the process and requirements for a funeral service, you can consult trusted funeral directors at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore. They will help you elaborate the funeral preparations and method according to your religious belief. 

  • Pre-Planning:

You can pre-plan for your loved ones to ease funeral service headaches. It will ensure the right decision and lessen the financial burden during the funeral time. This will cut-cost as clients who buy or reserve services earlier get them at a more reasonable price. It will clearly explain how your loved ones want to have their end services. 

  • Decent Funeral Set up:

Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services are famous for their elegant funeral setup. Respecting the sorrowful moment, staff will arrange the funeral according to the etiquettes and religious beliefs. Color schemes will be selected according to religious representation and symbolism of life. They will create a peaceful environment where you can give honor and a final goodbye in the most memorable way. 

  • Clear Pricing:

Unlike other funeral service providers, you will not find any hidden charges. At these emotional times, a person can be easily manipulated. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore ensures that the client is not burdened with ongoing mental stress. 

  • Trusted Brand:

Years of excellence is building trust among people. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the largest and most trusted bereavement care provider. 

Conclusion:Nirvana Memorial Gardens Singapore has a motive of “Legacy of Love” and “Care for Life.” While Nirvana professionals take care of funeral matters, you can gather the trove of beautiful memories of your loved one. You don’t have to worry about logistics, arranging funeral products, and funeral reception. State-of-the-art Nirvana Memorial Funeral Services will reflect your priorities through their perfect funeral arrangements, depicting your belief and love for the deceased.

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