Difference Between Columbarium, Cemetery, And Mausoleum

Some aspects of life are sensitive to talk about. One of them revolves around death. The concept of losing a beloved is one of the most fearful experiences we all want to avoid. In the spur of the moment, life can take drastic turns. To face sudden sadness is indeed heart-wrenching. While it becomes difficult to comprehend what just happened, it is a need of the body and religious teachings to proceed with funeral preparations. The funeral rites and rituals vary according to belief systems. Like other social organizations, funeral service providers play a significant role in providing reliable services. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore has marked its name in the bereavement care industry through its commitment and valuable services.

There are numerous funeral and burial options available. The affected families must know their features and purposes to make informed decisions.

This guide will explain the difference between a columbarium, a cemetery, and a mausoleum. It will help you strengthen your knowledge and make a comfortable choice for your beloved’s final resting place.

A Comparison Between Columbarium, Cemetery, and Mausoleum

Each burial option has distinctive features that are followed by religious rituals. Let’s look at each one of them to know how they differ from the others.

What is A Columbarium?

A columbarium is an individual unit/niches where the ashes of the cremated body are placed. It is a popular option in Buddhist culture. The structure or the wall consists of multiple slots that can also be reserved for the entire family.

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Key Points of Columbarium

  • It is a permanent resting place for your beloved.
  • The ashes are sealed in an urn container and placed in the purchased niche.
  • You can also pre-plan/pre-book multiple niches for your family at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore. Pre-planning will allow you to choose how you want to be remembered. It will give you time to consider various factors and check with the organization’s facilities.
  • It is considered environmentally friendly and cost-effective as compared to the cemetery. Some funeral service providers charge you one time for a columbarium.
  • You can personalize the columbarium niche. But you must ask your funeral service provider for prior approval.
  • The family can later also choose an ash scattering ceremony. Chao Chu Kung Columbarium Singapore is one of the most recommended columbariums in Singapore.

What is a Cemetery?

A cemetery is a burial place where the bodies of the deceased are buried after carrying out final rituals. Christians, Muslims, and Jews bury the bodies. Some religious beliefs state immediate burial after the death of a person.

Key Points of Cemetery

  • The body is washed and prepared for burial according to religious beliefs.
  • The family and friends of the deceased give their final goodbye. They perform religious prayers to help the soul enter the next world and for the family to have patience.
  • The body is placed in a casket. Once the family has said their goodbyes, the coffin is taken to the burial place.
  • Burial services will require the family to arrange a burial plot, casket, and vault. It is an expensive option.
  • Choa Chu Kang Columbarium Singapore has burial places as well.
  • In extreme weather conditions, the burial is often delayed as digging the grave becomes difficult.
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What is a Mausoleum?

A mausoleum and columbarium are often used interchangeably. But both have distinctive features and purposes. A mausoleum is the entombment of the body/remains to an above-ground burial.

Key Points of Mausoleum

  • Mausoleum provides a cleaner option for burial. As it is above ground, it does not have any dirt or water, reducing the risk of any insect getting inside the coffin.
  • It can be used for both placing the urns or the entire body.
  • There are different types of mausoleums. The cost for a mausoleum will vary depending upon the style and design. A private mausoleum is the most expensive option.
  • In comparison, a columbarium is a more feasible and pocket-friendly option.
  • You can customize the design in honor of your beloved.
  • It takes up more space than a columbarium.

Where to Get Funeral Services?

Saying the final goodbye to your beloved is the most challenging moment of your life. While we might regret not getting enough memories, you can have a second chance to choose a peaceful resting place. Nirvana Memorial Gardens Singapore is a bereavement care provider. Years of excellence and professionalism have helped the organization win our client’s trust. We provide immediate services and a wide range of options to choose from. We assist with utmost respect and dignity, whether it is a burial requirement or urn placement. Connect with our support team to learn more about various services and packages.

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