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Choosing a burial option is mainly inspired by religious customs. People are sensitive when it comes to the final ceremony arrangements. They want the most memorable and respectful choice to pay homage to the deceased. Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is a noteworthy bereavement center that provides a blissful experience and a better resting place. Our extensive services cover all domains and religions. From funeral preparation to anniversary prayer services, we cater to the needs and preferences of our clients.

Our team is available for burial consultations around the clock. One of the most commonly asked questions is the comparison of burial and cremation. Both have distinctive purposes and rituals. Here, we will unfold an in-depth analysis of both options for a better decision.

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Cremation or Burial?

Before we look into the comparison, let’s revise the basic definition of both funeral options. The rituals of each option are different than the others. A burial is a funeral option where the body is placed inside a casket/coffin and buried under the ground. It is followed by various memorial ceremonies depending upon religious traditions.

Cremation is a process where the body is decomposed using mentioned methods by the religion. The remains or the body’s ashes are scattered or preserved according to preference and customs. Many choose Choa Chu Kang Columbarium in Singapore due to its unmatched aura and services.

Determinant Factors For Burial And Cremation

To determine which options are more suitable, we must look into core comparison to make a better decision.

  1. Religious Customs

The prime reason for burial or cremation choice is inspired by religious teaching and customs. Every religion has defined burial methods that are followed by specific rituals. Depending upon the religious influence, people will always prefer the burial method recommended by their faith. In some religions, cremation is forbidden. While some beliefs provide options for both burial and cremation but either one of them is preferred. Muslims, Jews, and Christians bury their deceased, while Buddhists, Hindus, and Chinese cremate the body. You can find burial services for various beliefs at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore.

If you are a staunch believer in your religion, you might prefer that your faith has been recommended. Considering an alternative option might become a challenge for acceptance in society.

  1. Decomposition Process

After death, the natural body healing process stops, and your body moves towards decomposition as the organs are not functioning. The decomposition process begins with the internal organs, and the whole body is involved.

In burial, the decomposition process is natural and slow.  Human decomposition has various stages that occur naturally. While in cremation, the decomposition process is accelerated. The cremation remains are often stored as a remembrance or scattered in a memorial garden.

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  1. Cost

One clear advantage of cremation is cost-effectiveness. Burial service requires the arrangement of the funeral ceremony, buying the grave plot and casket, and expenses of grave digging and closing. As the prices of everyday essentials skyrocketed, people faced financial constraints when considering burial. But some are bound by religion and the fear of non-acceptance from society in choosing an alternate option.

Cremation is a comparatively cheaper option. You will need the cremation chamber for the process to occur and a cooling period where you can collect the remains afterward. You can place the urns at Choa Chu Kang Columbarium Singapore for remembrance of your beloved.

  1. Environment Friendly

A study has shown that we are running out of spaces for burial in crowded areas. It costs land space and also has a slow decay rate. It is considered to be less environmentally friendly as compared to cremation.

In cremation, you will not require a small piece of land to place the remains. Instead, there are collective memorial buildings like Choa Chu Kang Columbarium for keeping the urns. Some now prefer natural or green burials to reduce environmental damage.

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  1. Last Memories

The last goodbye is the hardest. It is a personal choice how you want to remember your beloved. In a burial, you handle the body to the ground and visit the gravesite. While in cremation, you have the final remains of the deceased and keep them with you.

Conclusion Concluding, both burial, and cremation have their pros and cons. It depends on how open you are to adopting an alternative funeral option. Your budget is also a significant determinantal factor. If you are looking for an affordable option with no compromise on the quality of service, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the place for you. We provide a one-stop solution for your funeral worries. Based on your budget, we can offer a customized package so that your final wishes are not compromised, and you can submit your last goodbye with utmost respect and dignity.

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